Zoma Mattresses & Adjustable Beds

Zoma memory foam & hybrid mattresses promise to optimize every hour of sleep and boost your performance throughout the day. Their sleep-boosting technology layers rapidly contour to your body and the recovery-enhancing design is engineered to relieve pain-causing pressure points.

The Zoma mattress brand makes all its mattresses, bed frames and sleep accessories in the United States. Based in Arizona, this company combines cutting-edge technology with innovative designs for a premium sleep experience. Their unique mattresses provide performance-grade support to give athletes and active individuals the sleep they need to recharge after a busy day.


Zoma offers various mattress types to suit the needs of any sleeper. All-foam Zoma mattresses hug the body and provide cloud-like softness for people who sleep on their sides. Firmer hybrid models lend extra support to back and stomach sleepers. Whichever style works for you, you can pair it with the brand's ultra-soft bedding, breathable toppers and adjustable bases for added comfort.


Ranging in size from twin to California king, Zoma mattresses are a smart investment for shoppers on a budget. These low-priced pieces come with a risk-free trial period so customers can make sure their Zoma mattress is right for them. The company also offers long-term limited warranties that cover repairs and replacements for damaged Zoma products.