Restonic Matress Models

Restonic mattresses are a high-quality, comfortable complement to your relaxing getaway. The brand's expansive mattress selection includes options for all sleep styles. Thanks to the company's patented gel memory foam technology, a Restonic mattress also appeals to any body type for a one-of-a-kind sleep experience.

Most Restonic mattresses feature dense, high-performance memory foam that conforms to your body and promotes a healthy sleeping posture. In addition, a Restonic mattress also includes aluminum-infused cells within the foam to regulate body temperature and keep you cool each night.

To accommodate a wide variety of sleeping styles, Restonic mattresses are available in microcoil, hybrid, foam and latex options. The brand also offers pillowtop and Euro-top mattresses for those who prefer an ultra-plush surface. From hybrid mattresses with pressure point relief to models with extra lumbar support, there's a Restonic mattress for every back, side or stomach sleeper.

Best of all, a Restonic mattress is an easy addition to bedrooms of any size and layout. Spacious king, queen and California king mattresses fit large bedrooms and guest rooms with plenty of floor space. Meanwhile, a twin, twin XL or full-size Restonic mattress is a space-saving choice for small spaces like kids' rooms, studio apartments and dorms.