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Here you can find information on how best to use this website. We have put in a lot of effort to make this website as friendly as possible for you to share and develop your ideas!


Home page

Joomla currently handles our home website. It is a fantastic content management system which gives us lots of freedom for expansion and really cool community features. There is no need to log into the Joomla section of Metalbot. At this time it is purely informational. The best part is that Joomla is Open Source.

Projects Section

Adding your own project to the 'projects' section of the wiki is simple. Your projects are documented in a specific section of the wiki here: Projects Section

When you want a section of your own, you will be assigned a category called 'yourname' (e.g category: jethro) and a wiki page will be created with the title of your choice and linked to on the projects page.

On your new wiki page you can document your projects. This 'page' will essentially be your 'home page'. From you home page you can add any number of sub-pages. Just make sure that you add the category tag for your category at the bottom of each of your pages.

A category tag looks like this [[category:yourname]], and should be pasted at the bottom of every one of your pages.

If you are having any trouble with these steps, please contact an administrator.


phpBB is our master software. It's easy to use for anyone with a little experience with forums. It powers the forums and our administration control panel. All wiki and forum users are managed through phpBB. Your community profile can be edited simply by going to the forums and clicking 'User control panel'.

The forums are where most of the action happens. The quick firing of crazy ideas, interesting news articles, small updates etc are all forum material. It is important to keep a positive vibe throughout any interactions we have on the forums. Although this can be hard sometimes, it is surprising how much damage just one negative attitude can have on a forum community.


Mediawiki is the software underpinning Wikipedia and is perfectly suited to documenting the Metalbot Project as it progresses. The wiki is constantly evolving through user contributions. The content is constantly improving! For help with editing the wiki please look here: Wiki help

Mediawiki is also Open Source!

Navigating the wiki

This wiki is split into many categories. So it is very important to know exactly how to use them!

As an example, if you want information regarding the Frame, Software and electronics as well as the laser and powder systems check out the main Metalbot Portal: Metalbot

As you can see each of the subsystems is carefully categorized to make navigating them easy.

To view all the pages under a parent category just scroll to the bottom of the wiki page where you will find the category that that page is under. Click on it. You will be taken to an alphabetical list of pages under that page.

Users navigate through wikis using categories and category trees, therefore it is very important that every page in the wiki is thoroughly categorized. Take a look at the 'categorized pages' to see if you can help out!

User Projects

Another example is the user projects section. Each user gets her/his own category named after the user. So for Bob the category would be called "bob" . Each one of Bob's pages would then get Bob's category tag pasted at the bottom of each of his pages. A category tag looks as follows: [[category:bob]]

Bob can now add any number of categories to his own pages such as [[category:bobs-lasers]] etc...


To display mathematical equations beautifully we use LaTeX rendered by a trusted host. The delimiters are < math > to open, and < /math > to close, (minus the spaces, of course).

LaTeX: \Large x=\frac{-b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a}

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