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Thanks for taking a look! If there are any modifications/issues that you think you can help us out with please get in contact with a moderator. For a list of pages that need to be written of need major work please look at the Pages that need to be written...

= to do...
green = done!
orange = done but could be better


JFusion integration of J!3, MediaWiki and phpBB3

This is a big one, also quite exciting... . Unfortunately this is only going to be possible for us when JFusion 2.0 is released from the BETA version which I think will be soon. This will allow us to display the forum [i]inside[/i] the Joomla! site and will unlock a lot of options that will need to be examined...

SEO Optimization

Some issues need sorting here...

Interactive Flowchart

We need to display an interactive flowchart on one of the Joomla! pages that will act as a sort of 'design guide'. If you can imagine at the top you have 'Laser sintering', from there the arrows will flow down to different subsystems (laser, electronics, frame and powder). Sprouting from, for example, the 'laser' box will be the different lasers that could be used (CO2, diode, Nd:Yag etc...) all hyper linked to a wiki page with details on the subject. Kind of like the wiki site map.

Projects Section

This will be a section of the website where you can showcase your projects! (soon you will be able to request your own personal section). Under the projects page in the header above you will have an image with a read more option that will be hyper linked to your page on the wiki.

A blog and top content modules for the home page

This is further down the priority list... only after phpBB3 and Joomla! are bridged so that someone does not have to log in to a separate system to make a blog post.

A top content module could also be displayed to the side of the blog on the main page...

Social Aspect

We do actually have a Facebook page, although a bit neglected... so give it a like when you get the chance! Facebook!

Removing 'index.html' from the site URL

It just needs to be done, I am not sure if it affects our SEO

Adding a RSS feed

Experiments section

This would be a section of the website that lists all the experiments that need to be done (such as with different materials and different particle sizes). Someone can pick an experiment to carry out and report back to the community with their findings...

Install another Mediawiki Skin

Maybe a more 'user friendly' wiki layout will be beneficial... considering that the wiki will be used heavily.

Section about the site Mods

Wiki Map

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