Managed Detection and Response

The Rapid7 Advantage

Managed Detection & Response Overview

Why is being a managed detection and response analyst the “coolest job in the world”? Hear how the ability to execute on behalf of a customer can be the difference between a minor security incident and a major breach. Preventing disruptions is the name of the game and MDR analysts take it personally if their customers are targeted.

SOC Overview

Why is it a plus to have a SOC culture where analysts can be themselves and learn in an inclusive and diverse environment? Hear why those conditions not only keep an MDR SOC profession engaging, but can foster innovation in new detection sets that holistically support customer security.

SOC Analysts

What’s it like to be a managed detection and response analyst at Rapid7? From having a front-row seat to the latest exploits and zero days, to reviewing alerts for malicious activity, to communicating remediation and mitigation actions to customers, hear a firsthand account of life and career inside the SOC.

The Customer Advisor

Customer advisors get a front-row seat to seeing how a managed service can take the weight and stress off of a customer. Hear how they’re not only the primary point of contact for each customer, but how they interact with different Rapid7 teams to ensure customers are getting the service they deserve and the security maturity they need to thrive.

* Not included with MDR Essentials

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