InsightConnect Subscription Options

Get the right security orchestration and automation capabilities for your organization.

Improved security management and automation can dramatically improve your incident response, vulnerability management, and application security programs. How much automation your organization needs is entirely up to you. Whatever your needs, Rapid7 InsightConnect can help deliver.

If you are focused on automating security workflows triggered by other Rapid7 Insight Platform products — such as InsightIDR, InsightIVM, InsightAppSec, or MDR for example — Insight Automation is for you. If, however, you are looking to automate security workflows initiated by Rapid7 Insight Platform products or ones initiated by many 3rd-party security systems— such as Office365, Crowdstrike, Mimecast, Cisco, and Palo Alto — Pro Automation is the best, no limits, choice.

InsightConnect Insight Automation allows for an unlimited number of users and workflows for use with one or more other Insight Platform Products. All automation workflows must include InsightConnect plugins or triggers that interface with at least one Insight product.

InsightConnect Pro Automation is for an unlimited number of users and workflows. InsightConnect automation workflows can include plugins and triggers that interface with any other Insight Platform Product(s) as well as any other 3rd-party products.

Either way, no matter which InsightConnect package you choose, your subscription is not limited by the number of users on your team or the number of workflows the team creates.


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InsightConnect Subscription Options

  Insight Automation Pro Automation
# of Users
# of Workflows
# of Integrations
  1 or more Insight Platform products only
Workflow Triggering Applications
Unlimited # of Insight Platform or 3rd-party applications
  20% of list price of customer’s Rapid7 Insight Platform products and/or managed services offerings*
40% of list price of customer’s Rapid7 Insight Platform products and/or managed services offerings*

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