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Model Information

Model NameSupport TypeMattress HeightComfort
ElementPolyfoam, Memory Foam11 inchesMedium Firm
Nova HybridPolyfoam, Memory Foam, Coils12 inchesMedium Soft
OriginalFoam, Memory Foam, Coils (Hybrid Only)11 inchesMedium
Wave HybridMemory Foam, Coils13 inchesMedium

Casper mattresses are a leading brand in the online sleep industry. Their unique hybrid models combine the best elements of spring and foam mattresses to offer reliable support and plush comfort. The company’s innovative cooling gel technology diverts heat away from the sleep surface, providing a fresh and cool experience, night after night.

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The brand offers mattresses in a variety of sizes, making them perfect for every member of the family. From basic, budget-friendly pieces to top-of-the-line hybrid models, there is a Casper mattress that suits every sleeper’s unique needs. The company also offers a full suite of sleep accessories, ranging from ergonomic pillows to performance sheets and more.

Every Casper mattress undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality. State-of-the-art machines simulate the wear and tear of daily use to help designers craft a mattress that offers long-term comfort and support. This science-based approach allows Casper mattresses to stand out as a high-quality choice.

Casper aims to instill confidence in its customers by offering a generous 100-day, risk-free trial period. Other products from the brand feature in-home trial periods of varying length, allowing you to try out new purchases with the comfort of knowing returns are simple and easy. Casper mattresses also include an extended warranty that guarantees lasting peace of mind.